Anchor Type C Fixe2 316L M10


Product: Anchor Type C Fixe2 316L M10


Fixe Climbing Gear Anchor Type C Fixe2 316L M10

A single belay station, constructed of 316L stainless steel for outdoor use or zinc-plated ecotri for indoor use.

It incorporates a fastening point using the Fixe2 HANGER, designed for M10/M12 screws.

The anchor features a dedicated ring.

Manufactured and conceived in Barcelona Pyrenees.

Component Features:

Fixe2 HANGER Features:

  • Oval shape at the point of contact with the ring.
  • Increases the durability of the set.
  • Includes a tapered washer.
  • Optimizes the tuning torque.
  • Three pins to prevent rotations.
  • Compatible with M10/M12 screws.
  • Breaking strength: 25 kN.
  • Material: available in ecotri zinc-plated/316L stainless steel.
  • Ring characteristics: Always present between the components for easy handling.
  • TIG welding.
  • Increased corrosion resistance.
  • Inner diameter: 33 mm.
  • Breaking strength: 25 kN.
  • Material: ecotri zinc plated / 316L stainless steel.




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