AXIOM SLIDER carabiner


Product: AXIOM SLIDER carabiner



Edelrid Axiom Slider. Revolutionary carabiner with sliding closure.

The Edelrid Axiom Slider carabiner has a sliding lock. Instead of the conventional surface on the side that comes into contact with the rope, a pulley has been integrated that allows for unrestricted turning. This significant modification considerably minimizes friction during the sliding of the rope, improving the efficiency of the maneuvers performed.

    • Brand: Edelrid
    • Color: Green (Oasis)
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Weight: 66 g
    • Length: 100 mm
    • Carabiner Trigger: Slider
    • Shape: D
    • Major shaft resistance (kN): 22
    • Minor Shaft Resistance (kN): 8
    • Open Trigger Resistance (kN): 7
    • Max aperture: 22 mm
    • Certification: CE EN 12275




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