Barranco Iris 10 Rope

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Semi-static canyoning rope Type A – Korda’s
The third generation of Korda’s strings, manufactured with the SUMMUM system. It presents a unique combination of the outstanding qualities of its predecessors, DANA and FINA. This version is distinguished by its excellent handling and ease of use, while maintaining its high performance over time.

Its durable cover offers greater durability against wear and tear, backed by Titan System and Stability technologies for additional security. It is especially suitable for demanding applications in professional environments and rescue operations.

Thanks to its robust cover and its ability to withstand high melting temperatures, this rope exhibits remarkable resistance to wear, allowing for greater speed during rappelling. Characteristics:

    • Diameter: 9.9mm.
    • Weight per meter: 67 g/m
    • Core weight: 36.8 g Core percentage: 55%
    • Case weight: 30.2 g Case percentage: 42%
    • Nudability: 1.16
    • Sleeve slip: 0%
    • Elongation: 2.60%
    • Shock force (F0.3): 440 daN
    • Number of F1 shocks: >5
    • Material: Polyamide
    • Fusion Temperature: 254ºC
    • Shrinkage: -0.5% (*)
    • Resistance with “”8″” knot, 3 min 1500 daN-Ok
    • Breaking resistance: 2600 daN
    • Certifications: summum system, total dry

Por metros, Madeja de 40m, Madeja de 50m, Madeja de 60m, Madeja de 70m, Bobina de 100m, Bobina de 200m




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