Dana rope 10 mm orange

Product: Dana rope 10 mm orange

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Korda’s 10 mm semi-static cannon rope, made of polyamide with high visibility colors that make it easy to locate even underwater.

It offers treatments that prevent rope contraction, eliminating the need to pre-moisten it before using it. In addition, it guarantees its durability and waterproofness, which makes it possible to use it in winter conditions without freezing.

It integrates Stability technology for the simultaneous connection between the cover and the core, ensuring their joint operation. This innovation prevents the sheath from slipping due to possible damage and reduces the gradual shrinkage of the rope over time.


  • Durability and Total Dry Treatments.
  • Stability core and sheath bonding technology.
  • Soul percentage: 58%.
  • Elongation 3.6%.
  • Sleeve slip 0%.
  • Static resistance: 2730 daN
  • Does not shrink, stretches 0.1%.
  • Certifications: CE EN 1891 Type A.
  • Approximate weight 63.1 g/m.

Por metros, Madeja de 40m, Madeja de 50m, Madeja de 60m, Madeja de 70m, Bobina de 100m, Bobina de 200m




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