Defuser Rescue


Product: Defuser Rescue


The compact energy absorber supports user loads of up to 220 kg. The high load capacity allows users to work with heavy equipment and offers an additional reserve for rescue situations where users need to support the weight of the person in need of assistance on their own system. At 4 kN, the maximum impact force is significantly lower than the legal maximum of 6 kN. The window allows the integrity of the energy absorber to be visually checked at any time.

Use only permitted in combination with the FUSE-guided fall arrester.
High rescue load up to 220 kg
Window for functional verification prior to each use.
Impact force 30% below the legally established maximum.
Certification : + Fuse = EN 12841-A
Certification: + Fuse = 353-2
Certification : + Fuse = ANSI Z359.15
Material : Polyester / HMPE


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