Edelrid pruning harness


Product: Edelrid pruning harness




The TreeRex kit is designed with a variety of configuration options for rope bridges and offers the ability to add an optional SRT BRIDGE. This allows you to work safely and comfortably on single ropes. The innovative 3D Vent technology, combined with wide, semi-rigid padding, ensures extremely comfortable suspension and good ventilation. With 4 large gear loops, multiple carabiner attachment points, and a chainsaw attachment, this tree climbing harness offers a unique complete package.

The TREEREX is delivered pre-assembled with an adjustable string bridge on the side eyelets and an aluminum connecting ring.

3D Vent Technology guarantees exceptional support and comfort through three-dimensional molding, distributing force widely and ensuring maximum breathability.
Triple Lock buckles on the belt and leg loops allow for quick and easy donning and doffing.
The leg straps have textile protectors made of Dyneema® to protect against abrasion.
All loading straps have been equipped with an indicator tape; Red fibers become visible if there is any damage, indicating to the user to replace the harness.
Side fixing eyelets on the legs to install up to two rope bridges or to stabilize the workplace.
The angle of the side fixing eyelets can also be adjusted under load thanks to an intelligent adjustment mechanism for an optimal working position on the tree.
2 color-coded rope bridges and an anchor ring for maximum freedom of lateral movement.




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