Fixe 316L M10 anchor


Product: Fixe 316L M10 anchor


Fixe Meet C Fixe1 316L M10
Individual Meeting Type C in 316L stainless steel, for outdoor environments. Fixing point consisting of Fixe 1 pad for M10 screws. Anchor point with ring.

Fixe 1 platelet geometry:

    • Rounded inner edge for less wear and tear on the carabiners.
    • Directs the carabiner for optimal work on roofs.
    • Conical Washer. More control in torque.
    • Three anti-rotation pins.
    • Surface optimised for full contact.

Fixe 1 platelet features:

        • For M10 screws.
        • Limit resistance: 25kN.
        • 316L stainless steel.

Ring Features:

        • Ever-present ring between components for better maneuverability.
        • TIG welding. Better corrosion resistance.
        • Inner diameter: 33mm.
        • Limit resistance: 25kN.
        • 316L stainless steel.




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