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MANYAC ROPE Double dynamic anchor rope.
A dual dynamic anchoring device that allows you to secure yourself at one point while leaving a second rope free for attachment elsewhere or to set up a rappelling system. Ideal for climbing, mountaineering and vertical environments.


  • Double dynamic anchor rope.
  • Two fixed ropes of 40 cm and 70 cm.
  • Dynamic rope with Endurance braiding, with a diameter of 9.0 mm and Full Dry treatment.
  • Its dynamic rope guarantees dynamic shock absorption, even in falls of up to factor 2.
  • Attaching the rope to the harness using a lark’s knot.
  • Total weight: 97 gr.
  • Certificates: CE and EN17520.
  • Manufactured entirely in Barcelona-Pyrenees. Why Manyac? Docile animals that like the company of people are called manyacs. They manage to gather people around them, like the Manyac anchor box, which attracts attention from the first moment.




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