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Product: Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed ​​rope access harness


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Comprehensive harness for rope access, positioning, fall arrest and workplace restraint. This is the version of the Expert 3D harness with Speed ​​buckles. It is a fully adjustable harness with ample padding in the lumbar area, legs and shoulder straps, which provides great comfort to the user. Complies with EN 358, EN 361, EN 813 and EN 1497 standards.

The straps can be removed and the harness can be used as a seat harness. The hip belt straps are sewn in such a way that in a normal work situation the weight of the user’s body is absorbed only by the padding. On the other hand, the Speed ​​buckles on the harness allow quick and easy adjustment to adapt to the body of each worker.

The Expert 3D Speed ​​incorporates the Cam Clean chest ascender’s intelligent attachment system with a plastic coating over the Oxy connector that increases the durability of the tape. Weight: 2,415 g (size M/L)

Maximum load: 150 kg

CE 1019 • EN 358 • EN 813 • EN 361 • EN 1497

Attachment points on the shoulder for rescue in confined spaces according to EN 1497

Fully removable straps, can be used as a seat harness

Straps and legs adjust independently

Ample padding on the lumbar belt, legs and shoulder straps

Reflective tape on the hipbelt and shoulder strap padding that increases visibility

Anatomical leg loops and belt covered in Polyester that provides high abrasion resistance

Speed ​​buckles allow for quick and easy adjustment

OXY triple closure carabiner for the connection between the straps and the ventral ring. This provides ample space to attach the chest ascender.

Intelligent fixation system of the ventral ascender with plastic coating on the carabiner that increases the durability of the straps

Front and rear fall arrest attachment points under EN 361 standard with additional “A” marking

Flat rear attachment point that does not put pressure on the back when wearing a backpack or breathing apparatus

Lower front attachment point for positioning of the blocker or retention in the workplace according to EN 813

2 lateral attachment points for workplace positioning according to EN 358

All steel components are electrocoated for greater corrosion resistance

4 equipment holders with a load capacity of 5 kg

Heavier objects up to 35 kg can be hung on the hip belt straps.

Additional belt and leg loops with a load capacity of 5 kg

Wide elastic band on the left shoulder strap for attaching equipment, for example a transmitter

Hip belt loops for attaching PORTER tool holders

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