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Top Canyon canyoning harness.
The Singing Rock Top Canyon equipment for canyoning is optimal both for specialized centers and for those adventurers who are taking their first steps in descending canyons and ravines.
Its unique design allows total adaptability thanks to three patented Roc&Lock buckles: two on the legs and one on the belt, which facilitates an agile and effective adjustment. This model is versatile, suitable for both adults and young adventurers.
The absence of padding makes its weight even lighter, with only 502 grams of total weight.
The ventral ring, identifiable by its red color, has a resistance of 15 kN and is reinforced to guarantee safety during descents. In addition, it includes a yellow abrasion-resistant equipment holder, in line with the design of the harness, capable of supporting up to 10 kg of load.
To preserve the wetsuit, this Top Canyon harness incorporates a removable seat/protector. In case of wear, it is possible to replace it in the future with another one.
This harness complies with European regulations EN 12277, CE 1019 and UIAA, ensuring quality and safety standards for canyoning lovers.


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