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Super light modular harness from the Edelrid brand for any type of work that is difficult to access with rope or rope access.
Particularly comfortable thanks to its flexibility and 3D vent technology. The intelligently integrated and detachable chest ascender allows for efficient climbing on rope systems.
It incorporates a novel threaded chest blocker, combining the best of two worlds. Provides fixed upstream performance while maintaining the versatility of a removable system.
Vertically aligned fabric eyelets on the sides according to EN 358 (similar to conventional metal eyelets) and a central eyelet according to EN 813 for attaching rappelling devices (maximum user load: 150 kg).


  • 3D Vent Technology: unbeatable support and comfort through three-dimensional molding.
  • Sternal support eyelet (VECTOR X: textile, VECTOR Y: metal).
  • Includes a FORAS carabiner to connect the chest harness and belt.
  • Four rigid gear loops for up to 12 carabiners per loop (load: 25 kg).
  • Central eyelet according to EN 813 for fixing the rappelling device (maximum user weight: 150 kg).
  • 2 central loops to attach a work positioning seat (Air Lounge).
  • VCR is placed on the shoulders to organize the backup system.
  • Side textile eyelets aligned vertically according to EN 358.
  • 2 attachment options for SM Clip Large carabiners (strength: 0 kN).
  • Integrated RFID chip for operational documentation.
  • Innovative threaded chest blocker for greater efficiency.
  • Adjustable leg loops can be completely opened thanks to the Double Lock buckles.
  • Certification: EN 813, EN 358, EN 361.
  • Approximate weight 1500 g.

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