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Singing Rock Chair for vertical work Franklin.

The Singing Rock Franklin Vertical Work Chair offers ergonomic support in suspended environments, improving comfort while using harnesses. It is compatible with Singing Rock fall arrest and restraint harnesses.

Its simple adjustment using Rock&Lock buckles facilitates agile opening and closing. In addition, it has a wider seat surface to maintain stability and prevent pressure from the suspension straps on the thighs. Note: it does not have EDI certification since it is dedicated as a complement to improving comfort.

    • 1. We recommend use for activities including rope access, fall prevention, interventions and rescue operations.
    • 2. Complies with established European regulations:
      • CE 1019 Certification
      • EN 358 approval
      • EN 813 standard.
    • 3. Supports up to a maximum weight of 150kg when used as a seat.
    • 4. Specially designed to be used in conjunction with our harnesses designed to prevent falls and for restraint.
    • 5. It adjusts easily thanks to the Rock&Lock buckles; The attachment straps have been shortened to offer a better fit for people with a slim build.
    • 6. Its padded interior is made of aluminum, allowing long-term use without deformation.
    • 7. It has a larger seating area to ensure greater stability; facilitates comfortable and secure suspension in the work environment.
    • 8. Suspension straps are designed to not put pressure on the thighs.
    • 9. It has three D-shaped rings (with a load capacity of up to 50 kg) intended for buckles or other equipment that requires suspension.


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