Work rope 10.5 mm

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Work 10.5 mm semi-static rope – KORDAS
Recommended for activities at height, rescue, cave exploration, collective work teams and high mountain routes on vertical walls, among others. This rope offers wider safety margins and can be used for both simple ascents and descents.

Made with the Shrinkless process, this rope has undergone a special treatment in the factory. Through this method of preshrinkage and thermochemical additives, the relationship between its touch and abrasion resistance is improved. This treatment eliminates the need to moisten the rope before use, thus preventing it from shrinking the first time it gets wet.

    • Great value for the price.
    • Semi-static rope type A (EN 1891)
    • Weight: 70.0 g/m.
    • Core weight: 44.0 g/m.
    • Soul percentage: 62.8%.
    • Cover weight: 26.0 g/m.
    • Flexibility: 0.93
    • Cover percentage: 37.2%.
    • Sleeve slip: 0mm.
    • Elongation: 4.3%.
    • Shock force: 480 daN.
    • Melting temperature: 216 ºC.
    • Shrinkage: -0.0%.
    • Static resistance: 3440 daN.

Por metros, Madeja de 20m, Madeja de 30m, Madeja de 50m, Bobina de 100m, Bobina de 200m




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